Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Victory !

Victory, is it in winning the battle, or is it in the understanding of the battle in order to win?

What's the point in winning but not understanding what the battle is about. 

Definition of Victory - noun:  An act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition: "an election victory". (Or in this case personal and spiritual victory)

Definition of Battle - noun:  a lengthy and difficult conflict or struggle.
(Oxford dictionary)

Each day we are faced with new battles. The question is how can we find victories in them? 

I can't get out of bed today, this is a battle. It keeps me from spending time with God, my friends, family, work and even my health. The victory is in getting out of bed no matter how I feel.

Then to go a little deeper and look at why couldn't I get out of bed? Is it because I'm feeling depressed or can't face the people in my life or I don't want to deal with work issues? 

Why do I have this battle and if it is relationships, what do I need for the victory?

What do I need to overcome in order to get out of bed and make this day victorious?

Maybe I need to face my own feelings and truths about my motives and maybe even offences. Can a phone call or email help in the process of the victory?  Can sharing with a close friend, pastor or councillor help get some light. Go before God and ask Him to show you what you need to see to defeat the battle and win the victory.

Some battles are tougher to overcome. When we lose a loved one, how do we win that battle of grief? This process takes time, love, comfort and God. Be truthful about how you are feeling, if you are angry let God know, he wants to hear from your heart. Being truthful in any form is defeating the enemy and creating a victory. There are so many stories in the bible about grief and sorrow and getting angry at God and asking questions of WHY ? 

There are battles of unforgiveness, greed, hopelessness, self destruction, relationships, death, and confusion, everything we are going through God has seen in every human before and we are not alone in our thoughts or struggles. Reading these stories and relating to them is victory because they all bring hope.

This can help in bringing understanding. In grief we can find a closeness of family coming together, if the person that passed was very ill we can find comfort that they are now in a place of restoration and peace or when we cry out to God for help,  this is where we find our victories. 

We all have different battles, some are bigger than others. Some are life changing and some are moment, minute and day changing. Every victory gets you closer to an understanding of living a fulfilled life.

One Victory at a time !

                                                            But thanks be to God!
                                  He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

                                                             1 Corinthians 15:57