Saturday, 6 September 2014

My Dialogue with Jesus

                                            Me:        Did you hear me today?
                                       Jesus:   Yes                          
                                       Me:        Then why didn’t you answer me?
                                       Jesus:  Were you listening?
                                       Me:        Listening? I’m always listening.
                                       Jesus:  Then you would have heard
                                       Me:        I didn’t hear anything; maybe you didn’t speak 
                                                         loud enough
                                       Jesus:  I never spoke at all
                                       Me:       Then how could I have heard you?
                                       Jesus:  When you were listening
                                       Me:        But you just said you didn’t say anything
                                       Jesus:  Not in words
                                       Me:        What does that even mean?
                                       Jesus:  Sit quietly and listen
                                       Me:        I don’t have quiet, with kids, traffic,people and
                       I just have too much to do !
        Jesus:  Then I will speak louder.