Monday, 5 August 2013

My Three Words

As I'm sitting here in my house looking around pondering my day, I see three words I have as ornaments, Dream, Believe and Peace. All great words with lots of meaning and definition. People have had many stories told using these three words, some even life changing. Its like they have an expectation attached to them, to inspire and make you think about what could be. I look at them right now and just see words. Words that at different points in my life had meaning but also words that I still search for their meaning. We hear these words mentioned in Church, motivational speakers, sport coaches, team leaders and any other motivational leaders and teachings.

They aren't words we use everyday, or remind ourselves of everyday, we don't get up everyday and say YES !!! TODAY IM GOING TO DREAM,  BELIEVE AND BE AT PEACE !! WOOHOO and if we do, we don't usually sustain it throughout the day.....

When I get up I do think about God, I think about what I'm going to do today and who I will see and how I feel about it. Does my house need a clean, will my kids like me today.
This is real life for me....

Those three words are for people already living the dream........

Or are they?

Maybe its just the way we use them and our own expectation we have on such words. What if we could get up every day and say 'Today I'm going to BELIEVE that my DREAMS can come true and I am going to have PEACE about it.' Then hand them to God to carry for the rest of the day, wouldn't that be cool !! Well isn't that what He tells us to do.

I can do all things through Him that strengthens me, Philippians 4:13

He carries these words for us and gives them to us as we need them and seek them, even in our every day tasks and life challenges. I need these individual words at different times through the day.

I need PEACE to do the housework and pick up after everyone day in day out.

I need to BELIEVE my life will have abundance and my family will be safe.

I need to DREAM of a future that is fulfilling and has meaning. 

Now they are MY three words.... I can find my own meaning and expectations that are not overwhelming, they can inspire me in the way God sees them for me.

God sees all of HIS children as equals and all things, including words, are for us to take as our own, its how we see them for ourselves and how we need them in our own life experiences as individual, unique creations.