Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hope in hopelessness.

Some days I get up feeling lost and purposeless. Make a cuppa tea and walk around pondering, what's next for my life. Some days it just feels hopeless. If I turn on the tv all the news seems hopeless, drive my daughter to school and get a speeding fine, hopeless, not working or feeling passion for anything, hopeless. Oh my,  what a day.......hopeless........

STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!

Its ok to have these days and we all have them , but it doesn't make it easy to be positive and enthusiastic about life. If I stop and look around and think about what I do have, friends, family, health, home, church, there's not really much to be hopeless about, right ?

We live in a society where we always want more, need more and think we deserve more, is this the root of hopelessness?

If I go out on the streets and see a homeless, family less, friendless, church-less, unhealthy, person that is cold, sleeping and living on the street, whether by choice or not, circumstances one way or another has gotten them there, is that more hopeless, I guess so, but does it take away my feelings of hopelessness, not really, WHY ???

Because until I am faced with that issue myself I cant really feel what its like for them. I cant feel what its like for a refugee leaving their country and home on a boat, with their children, just to try and keep them alive. I cant feel what its like to be the richest man in the world and have to deal with so much money and insecurity about who likes me for me and who just wants to know me for my status or the child that has been used in sex slavery, or the gorilla that was killed in the name of palm oil. The mother grieving over her child that has been beheaded in the street in cold blood for no reason other than religion, or just the average person getting on the train to go to work in a job that is meaningless and boring.

Don't we all deal with some form of hopelessness ??
Definition of hopelessness - 'the despair you feel when you have abandoned hope of comfort or success'.
I can imagine these situations, but I can't feel them, they can impact my heart when I read about them or see them on the news, I genuinely feel sad, but why are they so easily forgotten?

How can I say your hopelessness is more than mine? I can't deny the way I feel, I cant always push things aside, eventually they will build up and I will need to face them. I need to take care of my own hopelessness before I can feel someone else's. HOW??

God says 'Life is but a vapour", this tells me our life is short, so we should make the most of it, HE says "Do not fear", this tells me its going to be ok, just keep trying,  HE says "Seek and you shall find" this tells me if I search for anything - hope, happiness, purpose, truth, love  I will find it, HE says " I will fight for you" this tells me HE loves me and will do all He can to guide me, HE says "Be still and know" this tells me when I sit quietly and patiently and consciously with Him, He will show me what I need to see. HE says "For I know the plans I have for you, to give you a future and Hope" this tells me He already knows my future and my purpose, Trust in Him.

When I take care of myself I have eyes to see the hope in hopelessness. The women praying over the young man that was beheaded without fear of her own life - HOPE. People helping and loving each other after their houses have been torn down by the strong arm of mother nature - HOPE. People taking the time to cook a hot meal for the homeless - HOPE. Non profit organisations popping up everywhere to help those in sex slavery and having victories in saving some of those women and children - HOPE. Having the money to pay my speeding fine - HOPE. Getting a txt message or phone call from a friend to say 'just thinking of you' - HOPE. Even just the realisation that I have what I need and I am where I am supposed to be - HOPE.
Definition of Hope - A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

My hope or hopelessness is no less or more than yours, its whether or not we can see one inside the other.