Monday, 12 January 2015


Why do we Dream? 
Why do we remember some so clearly and others not a trace. 
Some dreams are so disturbing and even make you wake up feeling angry, sad and even frightened, others a euphoric trip on a cloud of good feeling. 
What does it all mean? Is it really a message from God or from the spirit world or is it our sub-conscious connecting our thoughts from life's experiences and emotions..or is it nothing but an active mind while we sleep.

As a teen I remember Flying dreams, weaving in and out of the trees and smiling upon all the streets and houses below, it always reminded me of the Talking Heads video 'And She Was', the freedom of flying was like the best place you could ever imagine. I can still feel it as I am writing about it, I can almost say I know what a bird must feel like...freedom...its beautiful.

Many of my dreams as an adult have been about animals or creatures. I have had a lot of spider dreams. My worst fear! The spiders are huge and have that separate looking hair on them and big beady eyes that have no soul. In my dreams I either kill them or run from them. I have a huge fear of spiders in my natural life so maybe this is my fears talking to me. 

I also have dreams about sharks and crocodiles, these can be signs of fear, decisions and challenges. Sometimes they are just there at a distance in their natural habitat and other times they are angry and on the hunt and I feel threatened. I usually relate to these dreams and remember them, so they have in some way been a reflection of what my life has represented at different times. 

Recently I dreamt about a Seal, playful and friendly, at first I thought it was a shark but then it jumped up at me and let me pat him and play with him. There were other messages in the same dream, things that had been on my mind and needing clarity.

The next day a large Elephant Seal washed up on a beach near where I live (this is never heard of this far up our coast) and it was like a confirmation to my dream. I ventured down to the beach to check him out and felt I like he was there for me..... I watched him with awesome wonder.
Isn't he a Beauty !!

Are our dreams reality? I believe they have some messages and some connection to our spiritual guides, to God and to our sub-conscious. I feel it is life getting our attention in an all too busy world and Gods way of walking through our thoughts in a more visual and conscious time. 

One of my favourite poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Talking heads video clip 'And She Was'