Sunday, 18 January 2015

'All things are for Good'

Having had some struggles in my life recently I found myself with a heavy heart, a feeling of being lost and very unsure of my future. No person or earthly comfort made it less painful.

I stumbled, well more like dragged, myself out to the kitchen one morning flicked on the kettle, went to the fridge to get milk and to my surprise ( sarcastic undertone) we were out of milk, so with complete reluctance I headed to the supermarket.

As I was walking through the supermarket aisle I felt like I was completely numb and everyone and everything around me was an illusion. My mind was blank to why I was even there, I couldn't smile at anyone or even make eye contact, my feet dragged one after the other like lead weights, I just felt completely numb. As I was walking through the aisle, out of nowhere...but somewhere, I heard a whisper, it was soft and clear. I briefly looked around half expecting someone to be standing there, I think that would have freaked me out more, having some random whispering in my ear. But there was no one there and the words I heard were 'I make all things for good'. I smiled,I knew where that whisper came from and I knew my heart had been heard.

Later that morning, after my cuppa, I went for a walk along the beach, the beautiful blue water was so still, just a gentle white wash lapping on the shore, there was not a sole around. Again I heard the words 'I make all things for good'. So beautiful and clear just as God does when He wants us to hear Him.

I took those words in to every moment of the next few days and looked at my situation with more hope, and a knowing that God sees what I'm going through. My faith restored, my pain and doubts became lighter and I knew I had someone sharing the load of what was going to be a long road to travel.

Thank you for knowing what I need and showing me love unconditionally.